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Damn right

2010-04-17 19:58:09 by xelander

Again, Throwing away some time to put up some stupid old ass Flash that'll get barly blamed and/or blamed.

Well, I am boerd, a late night, And I'm out of pepsi....

Also, Facebook is fail.

Damn right


2009-04-22 12:31:24 by xelander

I have been doing some flashes lately cuz i finnaly got my lazy ass to do something.

Also im working on my graphic, so you will see everything in really bad shape.

Pancakes 4 Free


2009-01-21 01:45:19 by xelander

Yah, im kind of back, for the momment...



2008-11-14 01:12:27 by xelander

I think you all love me!(no really, i do)
becuese my blood tutorial as sucked, got though!

Quote of the Week:
I hate you
I love you too
BANNED for 1 day.
Reason: I dont like gays on my forum ;D



im a scout

2008-10-25 04:19:59 by xelander

yeah, on the lastest days i have been blamming and protection alot, so im a scout now!

as long im banned from submiting im going to blam and protect alot...

comment here

oh, im going to, probly, make a quote of the week from diffrent forums etc.

quote 1#
first person(member):
"Too say that someone is a complete asshole isnĀ“t flaming, thats a description"
secound person(moderator):
"send me the link so i can warn you"
Found an so epic quote at the one whit like only saves, you know, only 93 blames and over 80000 saves...

"thats good saving...what happen when you and most blammed collide? (in a way)"
"ever hear of the big bang? ;)"
toocool100 is epic...

im a scout

yay or no?

2008-10-16 10:39:34 by xelander

i got over 150 B/S points... :D

bad: about a week more untill my submit flashes ban dissapear...
im not banned!
look at my 2 lastest flashes! its under judgement!


2008-10-14 01:42:05 by xelander

now somehow i got alot of insperetion...
going to submitr alot right away!

So... boring?

2008-10-11 01:27:21 by xelander

Its pretty quiet at me.. no project on right now...
im dont have any ideas... wel.. if anyone want.. can you please cut a big sprite back to me? im way to lazy...

banned from...

2008-10-02 13:54:07 by xelander

I got banned from submit flash page... and got 2 videos ready for submit...
1 lol full music video and a wierd Super Mario sprite video...

boringness got me

2008-09-27 06:04:30 by xelander

Posted a new vieo, hopes it goes though.. pretty funny i think... but still bad draved and no sound...
we have to see my low amout of fans!